My Big News: Aqua Anchor Designs

Aqua Anchor Designs Etsy Store

I told you on Monday that I would have a huge announcement today: I opened an Etsy shop! I am so excited about it and I am hoping everyone else falls in love with my items like I have. For now, I have Coffee Filter Wreaths and Fabric Button Earrings.

Merry Plaque White

I’ve been debating a way to make some extra income and people have recommended Scentsy or other direct sales. But honestly, I knew that I wouldn’t have enough motivation to sell things that I wouldn’t normally buy. I started brainstorming and decided an Etsy shop was the way to go for me. Partly because I love making things. But I also love my Coffee Filter Wreaths! And I’ve been wearing a different pair of my Fabric Button Earrings everyday and I normally barely wear jewelry. They’re so fun!

Aqua Greek Keys French Script

So Aqua Anchor Designs came to life:

Store Screen Shot

Can you tell I’m excited? I’m even really excited about the sturdy boxes I’m making for the wreaths that can serve as storage and the pillow box gift boxes for the earrings!

Pillow Envelope

I hope you’ll check out Aqua Anchor Designs and stock up on a Christmas wreath or two, and Fabric Button Earrings for Stocking Stuffers or Christmas gifts for all your friends!