Under Sink Organization

Lucas' Birthday Sillyness

I love organizing things! Love, love, love it! BUT, I have a hard time staying organized. I always tell people I like the idea of being organized. But what do ya do?

Well, over the last few months-s l o w l y… I’ve done a little here and a little there to get things organized around my house, particularly the kitchen. Plastic baskets from Dollar Tree have been a godsend. 😉

I have been really pleased with the new under sink organization system I have so I wanted to share it with you.  Here is what underneath my kitchen sink looked like:

Before Under Sink

(I forgot to take a picture before I got started, so there are already hooks to hold the dowel rod.)

There was so much wasted space under there that it drove me crazy. Plus, I had just invested in some UNpaper towels and wanted to put a little bucket or can under there for the dirties until laundry day.

I bought the hooks from Lowe’s on the curtain rod and hardware aisle. I just bumped into them looking for something else, but they were cheap so I grabbed them up. I also got a dowel rod out of the lumber section. All of the baskets came from Dollar Tree.

After Under Sink

I love this setup. The mini red laundry basket is super cute and the whole thing is completely functional for me. The first two spray bottles on the rod are the main two I use and they are easy to grab out. When we have a dirty UNpaper towel, I can just throw them down there out of sight, the trash bags are still right there for easy access and all of the dishwashing soaps are front and center. Behind all of those, I have some vases, flashlights, and other miscellaneous stuff that does not get used very often but has nowhere else to go.

Before_After Under Sink

Like I said, I’ve been very pleased! Are you organized? Is the space under your sink functional- or just a pile of random cleaning supplies? How do you like my setup?