18 Weeks Update


Hi! How was your Thanksgiving? We celebrated a weekend early with my Dad and little sister because my Dad would be gone for work on Thanksgiving. We split the cooking duties and it was SOOO good. I love me some Thanksgiving! I’m so glad I wasn’t to that ‘you can’t eat much because baby is so big and your stomach just doesn’t have enough room in there’ stage yet. On Thursday, we went to Clint’s grandmother’s house and ate with his family there.

Then, we went Saturday and got our Christmas tree. Of course, I didn’t take any pictures though. We never think to take pictures of stuff. Lucas loves the Christmas tree farm though. Well, he pretty much loves any open spaces with lots of grass, trees, leaves, you name it. He’s an outside boy. We’re planning to decorate the tree this week as a family. #startoffamilytraditions

This is me this past Sunday. I’m 18 weeks now. Baby Girl is VERY active. I don’t remember Lucas being this active this early. I can’t wait for Lucas and Clint to be able to feel all of her little movements. I’m sure it won’t be long as strong as she seems to be. Oh, and she’s the size of a sweet potato this week.

18 weeks

I’m really trying to do better with my diet and my water intake. I’m not doing bad, but not doing as great as I should be either. It’s difficult to go from drinking about 15-20 oz of water a day to 60-70. Did you know you’re supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day? Do you?

Other than that, we haven’t start much baby planning yet. I have another ultrasound this week and an appointment with my high risk doctor and an ultrasound there. I want to “make sure” she’s still a her. The only thing we have done is buy Lucas one of these.


We’re hoping to get him in the “big boy” twin sized bed before Baby Girl gets here, so she can just use the crib and we don’t have to buy another one. So far he loves it!

Oh, and since it is Cyber Monday– Aqua Anchor Designs is having a 25% sale that ends TODAY. If you spend $50 or more, you can also use coupon code THANKFUL14 for free shipping. 😉

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2 thoughts on “18 Weeks Update

  1. Kim M

    Almost half-way there! I think girls must be more active than boys in general, at least while they’re “baking”. I’m 28 wks right now and I don’t remember my son being nearly as active as this little girl is right now, my first daughter was!
    Its funny how much different preparations for baby #2 is from baby #1, and even more different #3 from the first 2. We had gotten rid of most of our baby stuff from our first 2, since we weren’t planning on having any more babies, at least this soon. We also haven’t purchased anything new for her yet, with the exception of a package of diapers on sale on Black Friday at Toys R’Us 🙂 We really should get on that, at least as far as a car seat and stroller…maybe a few clothes.. lol
    Congratulations again!! Is Lucas excited about the new baby?


    • Sara Herrin

      Yeah, my doctor was surprised that I told him I could feel her every day throughout the day several times already. And yes the second is so much different from the first. Of course, we still have so much from Lucas that we don’t need much.

      Lucas LOVES my belly. Anytime he sees it he kisses it and hugs it and everything but I don’t think he really understands still.


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