Our Weekend Getaway

Our Weekend Getaway

This weekend was amazing! This weekend getaway was exactly what I needed to help me slow down a little and it was great for Clint and I as a couple. We basically did absolutely nothing. Except, we did it about an hour and a half away from home at a great Bed & Breakfast called Point Clear Cottages in Fairhope, Alabama.

We both took off Friday so we could head out early. We arrived around 3 PM or so. This was our room, which was called Pelican’s Rest. It is an apartment over the detached garage.

Inside Pelican's Rest at Point Clear CottagesEven in the Winter, the outside of the house was beautiful so I can’t even imagine what it looks like in the Spring and Summer.

Grounds of Point Clear CottagesThe main idea of this weekend getaway was to do nothing, so that’s mainly what we did. Normally there are plans for this and plans for this, so other than eating, we made no plans. Friday night we went to eat at a little Italian restaurant. Clint got a Ribeye and I got Eggplant Parmesan. I wasn’t really impressed with mine. The next morning, we ate in the Sunroom of the main house with 4 other visitors. The housekeeper/cook made Crab Omelets, Homefry Potatoes, Crescents, and Danish Rolls. It was DELICIOUS. That was the best meal we had the entire weekend.

After breakfast, we drove down the street to the Grand Hotel and walked along the boardwalk for a while and through the hotel.

Grand Hotel Boardwalk

Then, we went into Downtown Fairhope for lunch Saturday at Panini Pete’s and walked around a little. The shops were mainly overpriced boutiques and antiques, which as you know, are not my taste. For dinner, we came back to Downtown and ate at a little sushi place that was highly recommended. The wait was about a half an hour and the place was packed. It lived up to the hype. Don’t let the presentation fool you, it was the best sushi we’ve ever had.

Master Joe's SushiSaturday night we rented movies and stayed up late watching them. Couple of party animals we are, huh?

Yesterday, we got up and eventually headed toward home. We stopped in Mobile and had Brunch at Spot of Tea on the way.

Spot of Tea MobileClint and I used to take small trips like this at least once or twice a year, but since we have buckled down on the finances we haven’t been able to justify the cost. The last time we went was when I was around 4 months pregnant with Lucas, which was around 2 years ago.

Oh, and Lucas stayed with his MaMaw and PaPaw so he had lots of fun. They even took him to the little zoo an hour away.

Lucas at Hattiesburg ZooThis weekend was definitely a recharge for myself and for Clint and I. We are about to have some significant changes in our life so it was nice to just enjoy each other, especially since I’m normally a slave-driver. I was actually a little anxious that I wasn’t going to be able to sit still while we were there. Don’t worry– I had no problem 😉

Clint and Sara at Grand Hotel

And nope, we don’t feel one bit guilty about the money we spent this weekend, which was under $1,000. That doesn’t mean we’re getting off-track, but we paid off almost $14,000 last year. We owed it to ourselves!

When was the last time you did something just for you or for your husband and yourself? What are you waiting on?!


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2 thoughts on “Our Weekend Getaway

  1. Belinda

    Your weekend getaway sounds blissful!!! Glad that you both had a fun and very well-deserved break.

    As we don’t have many babysitting options, we tend to cook a curry and share a bottle of wine in the evening, every now and then. I do miss the weekend getaways to lovely B&Bs that we used to do…..always so nice to have some couple time.


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