Leftover Enchiladas Recipe

Leftover Enchiladas

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend to recover from the cooking, eating and shopping of Thanksgiving. I think I’ve finally caught up on my sleep from the Youth Lock-In at church. It’s pretty funny, to me anyhow, that my post today is a Leftover Enchiladas Recipe. I had actually planned to post about my freshly painted and distressed aqua media center for the Living Room, but it’s not quite ready.

As I was getting this post ready though, I realized you probably have some leftover turkey in your fridge right now. I think any meat would be great in these enchiladas and they’re super easy to throw together. If you’re tired of turkey, these freeze really well. I had some Chuck Roast that I tried a new recipe on leftover. We didn’t particularly care for it and I knew it would go to waste, so we threw these together.


Oh and as you can see, I used the green Enchilada Sauce. Yum!

But there you have it, quick and easy. And depending on your family size this is probably enough for 2 meals.

I got a bunch of new earrings made this weekend too, so be looking out for those over at Aqua Anchor Designs! 😉

Coming Soon to Aqua Anchor Designs

What do you do with your leftover turkey? Any tried and true recipes we should check out? Leave a comment below!


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