Month 7 of Our Journey to Become Debt Free: July 2013

Month 7 of Our Journey to Become Debt Free July 2013

This is the 8th post in Our Journey to Become Debt Free. If you would like to read the others, you can find them here.

July was a crap month for us in Our Journey to Become Debt Free. We were extremely busy making decorations and the backdrop for our church’s VBS, so we weren’t as focused either. These are the kind of months when it’s extremely important to check your budget constantly. Clint and I use our YNAB apps on our phones that syncs with the YNAB on our computers ($6 discount here), because before you know it your way over budget stopping to get dinner on the way home from working at the church until midnight several nights in a row.

Here are our Monthly Totals:

Debt Payoff Progress through June 2013


And this is what we looked like at the beginning of July:

Debt Totals through June 2013


Credit Card Debt Free! You have to celebrate every triumph! Now that we got rid of the Altima, our debt total is less than $15,000! The Altima balance is showing as much less now, because that’s the amount we actually paid on it since we started Our Journey to Become Debt Free until we sold it in June.

Somehow, we didn’t go over budget in our Eating Out budget category in July, though. Instead we went over budget in our Grocery budget by $249.31. Can you say – Ouch!? We have months like this every so often though so maybe it’s just running out of paper and toiletries items that last for months. Maybe I should make another budget line item for those things. Hmm..

July was the first month of our new lowered mortgage payment, so that was $244 extra dollars in our pockets. All of which went to my new car tag, use tax since we bought the car out of state, and Clint’s car tag. We also made our quarterly car insurance payment in July, which is budgeted for throughout the year.

We did go a little crazy in July as far as spending on other things though. We bought a Roku and a new wireless router and that came out of our Snowball money. Oops! We’re human.

We did an extra $350, but Clint and I both had some dental work coming up at the beginning of August so I rolled it into next month so we could cover that.

Since we bought the CR-V, our plan was to get it paid off next, since it’s the next lowest amount and has the least amount of value. We didn’t have any extra for that this month though so we just made the 2 regular payments on the CR-V and Civic totaling $412.

We didn’t have any extra money to make a Snowball payment this month. That’s life, we tried not to be discouraged, and moved along into August hoping to do better. Come back next Wednesday and see how we did!

Do you ever feel a little defeated by your budget? What do you do to keep yourself motivated to not spend those pennies?

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2 thoughts on “Month 7 of Our Journey to Become Debt Free: July 2013

  1. I hate feeling overwhelmed by debt sometimes. For us it usually ebbs and flows. We get everything paid off and then build it back up, rinse and repeat. When we’re in payoff mode the biggest thing is to not incur more debt – which is REALLY hard when you have two people with access to the same account. Looking forward to the next installment!


    • Sara Herrin

      I’m sure. Hopefully you guys can figure out how to get out of the rinse and repeat cycle..? Fingers crossed that once we get out, we STAY out!


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