Month 5 of Our Debt Free Journey: May 2013


This is the sixth post in Our Journey to Become Debt Free series. To read more of them, visit this page.

In May we had a few large purchases but Clint also had 3 paychecks. Through April, our debt payoff figures totaled:

Debt Payoff Progress through April 2013

In 4 months, we had paid down $6,828.76 of our debt! Three months if you don’t count January, since we only worked on our BEF in January. I think that’s pretty impressive!

This is what we looked like at the end of April:

Debt Totals through April 2013

In May, we brought all 3 of our dogs to the Vet for their checkups and shots. It cost $135 more than I had budgeted for. We also decided that since Lucas was starting to play around on the floor, it would be a good idea to move the dogs outdoors. Two of our dogs weigh 90 lbs a piece and the other is a Mini Dachshund. Our fence cannot contain them, so we bought one of those chain link kennels for $230. They lasted about 15 minutes in it before they escaped, so after another $60, Clint put down all kinds of fencing in the inside and reinforced it really really good. They were almost out of that in another 20 minutes. So we decided that the $290 was a waste and put the dogs back inside. At least theythey’re all crate trained, right?

We also bought $475 of exterior paint for our house. We’ve lived in our house for over 5 years and have never painted it, so was time. That project still isn’t complete, by the way.

THE GOOD STUFF: We only spent $402.99 in groceries in May! AND, even with all of those large purchases, we were still able to Snowball $719.25 onto the Chase and we paid the final $50.05 bill for my Colonoscopy. Yay!!

We were feeling so accomplished by the progress we were making. Before we started this journey, Clint was not very involved in our finances. It makes a world of difference when both spouses are involved in the finances and can hold each other accountable. Clint and I both have the You Need A Budget apps on our phone and anytime I update the budget, I tell Clint to take a look. Like I’ve said before, YNAB is awesome, click here for $6 off your purchase of the software.

So May was a busy month, but June was way busier! Check back next week to see what other large purchases we made and why we broke Dave Ramsey’s biggest rule and got 2 new loans.

The dog kennel was a major fail! Have you ever put that kind of money into something secretly knowing it’s not going to work, but hoping that it will? If not, don’t waste your money!

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5 thoughts on “Month 5 of Our Debt Free Journey: May 2013

  1. You were definitely one busy bee! I hate it when you spend a bunch of money on something and it ends up being a waste. We had a leak in one of our sliding doors that ended up being a money drain like that. We’ve figured out a solution, but it took a few tries and a bunch of money to get there. Can’t wait to see what you did in June!


  2. Belinda

    Well done on your savings!!! Love reading your monthly updates.

    Shame about your dog fencing. We bought quite a flimsy enclosure for our puppy, and within a day, had to shell out for a sturdier, more pricey option. Can be so frustrating!


    • Sara Herrin

      Great! I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

      Yeah, that is definitely not even the first “try to keep the dogs contained” fail we’ve had. Thousands of dollars I’m sure. Thanks for commenting Belinda!


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