DiY Fabric Tray


Happy Monday Everyone! This DiY Fabric Tray makes me happy. It’s just so darn cute!

Remember this old ugly cookie sheet I got for $0.35 at a garage sale a few weeks back? This one here:


For my DiY Fabric Tray I used:

Ugly cookie sheet

Enough fabric to cover my cookie sheet

Spray adhesive

Mod Podge

Foam brush to apply Mod Podge

I picked out some pretty fabric to cover it, which maybe ran me about $3. It was on sale and I bought some other fabric too, so I can’t remember exactly. First, cut it down to size if you have too much fabric. Then, spray the top of the cookie sheet with spray adhesive and lay the fabric from one end to the next, making sure there are no bubbles and smoothing the fabric out as you go. You can pull the fabric up and put it back down, but spray adhesive is very sticky!
DiY Fabric TrayOnce I was pleased with the top I sprayed each of the edges and pushed the fabric into all the grooves on the top of the pan and turned it over to get started on the back. I tried to make it look as neat as possible by folding it like I would gift wrap. Do your best not to touch any spray adhesive. I tested all the folding before spraying the adhesive, though. DiY Fabric Tray BackThen I sprayed it and folded over the fabric. Once your finished, go get some Baby Oil and wash your hands with it to remove all of the spray adhesive. You’re welcome for that 😉DiY Fabric Tray Finished BackI let that dry for about an hour and then started applying Mod Podge. I had some homemade Mod Podge but was too scared to try it on my pretty tray, next time though. You just paint it on, covering evenly. My advice is to do one side at a time and let that dry. I didn’t and had paper stuck to the Mod Podge and spent forever with tweezers pulling all the paper out of the dried Mod Podge. Fun times!DiY Fabric Tray Mod PodgeAfter I had pulled all of the stuck on paper off the corners, this is what I have:DiY Fabric Covered TrayI love the way the fabric sits in the grooves. That’s my favorite part, I’m not even really sure why. It just looks so clean. I had thought of putting this on Clint’s nightstand to hold a photo frame and our phone chargers, but it’s too big. I think I’m going to leave it in the middle of the coffee table for now. I do think it would make a great addition to a DiY gift basket for someone though.

What would you do with a tray like this? Have you ever Mod Podge’d fabric before? 


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