Fall Coffee Filter Wreath


Happy Friday! This week has been a super busy week. We had our Fall Revival at church Sunday-Wednesday, and had a great speaker. We were kind of bummed that it ended. And Clint is still home because of the shutdown, so he and Lucas are spending a lot of quality time together (trying not to pull each other’s heads off).

I saw this wreath one day on Pinterest or in the blog world (can’t remember which) and immediately loved it. I love the versatility of it and I even kind of like that it isn’t burlap or deco mesh like every other wreath I see (around here, at least). I do like the burlap and deco mesh wreaths, by the way, my point is just that this one is different. So I recruited my little sister, Shaye, to come over and talk help me with this project.

You’ll Need:

A wreath form of some sort

Natural or white coffee filters (I used around 250)

Hot glue guns and several glue sticks

Ribbon/Decoration for the wreath

Let’s, get right to it. You remember the beautiful garland wrapped wreath I got last weekend?Before

First, we took off the garland. Step2

Better already,  huh?

This is the best method we found for folding and scrunching the coffee filters for the wreath, but you may find a better technique. This is just what worked for us.

First, you fold the coffee filter in half evenly.

Fold in Half

Then, while keeping your fingers pinched on the same spot, you flatten out the rest of the filter.

Pinch Flat

Then I would just make a circle around the filter and pull straight up, scrunching up the filter as I went. It’s really not technical, just sounds like it.


Here’s what it looked like after folding and scrunching. At first, we were folding it in half and then in half again, but I thought it looked too uniform.


Then, you just fold over the bottom and glue it to your wreath form.


You want each filter right on top of the last. Otherwise, when you think you’re done, you’ll have lots of ‘holes’ to fill. I thought I did a pretty good job.

Mostly Done

But see all the bare spots around the inside?

Bare Spots

So, then I went back and filled in all of the bare spots. Have someone hold the wreath up and it’s much easier to notice the spots that need more filters. I also had to go back and add some around the outsides where it looked lopsided at first.

And that’s it! It took us a couple of hours to do, but if you don’t have an extremely talkative helper who can’t multi-task, it would probably only take an hour, tops. Here is my finished product:


Looks great doesn’t it? Too bad it doesn’t fit on my front door. My screen door won’t shut with it hanging on the front door. #fail For now, it’s hanging on the outside of the screen door, but I’m not sure how I like that. So now I’m trying to decide if I should gift it or hang it inside somewhere.

Do you hang wreaths throughout the year? Do you make them yourself or buy them? FYI: with the decorations, this cost me less than $9 to make.

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