My Thrifty Finds aka Poppin’ Tags


I love a good bargain! I guess some people think it’s beneath them to buy stuff other people once used, but I love nothing more than to pay a fraction of the cost for a gently used item. For instance, look at those mint condition furry disco platform shoes my little sister is modeling. Who wouldn’t want those? You know, I wasn’t even raised this way either, I’ve only gotten so cheap thrifty in the last 10 years or so.

But in all seriousness, I did a little shopping this weekend and got some stuff I’m really excited to do some DIY crafty stuff with so I wanted to share. 🙂 First off, here is everything.


Oh come on, where’s your vision? It may all be ugly, boring and dirty now, but you just wait.


Fabulous garland wrapped wreath (See what I did with it here) – $2.99

Lovely pink bathroom art framed picture – $1.49

Pink lily soap dispenser – $0.99

White wood plaque – $0.99

Plaque shaped mirror – $1.99

Black wood frame – $0.50


Busted and disgusted cookie sheet – $0.35

Black Nautical framed art – $0.79

Extremely neat candle lantern – $1.99

Clint thinks the lantern is hideous, but with a fresh coat of spray paint, I think it will be that thing everyone picks and says, “ooh this is neat.” Only time will tell.


Pepto Bismol framed bathroom art – $5.00

Huge brassy lamp – $2.99

Large storage tupperwares – $1.50

I loved the large frame. At my Goodwill, a framed piece of art that big would run me about $30 so I snatched that up quick when I saw it at a church’s garage sale. The tupperwares aren’t going to actually be a craft project, but I’m just so excited to have more of these. I love those things!

And last but not least, my second most favorite thing (the lantern is my first), my new entertainment center/TV stand.


It’s not exactly cute right now, but I am thrilled with this purchase. I’ve been searching around for a dresser or buffet to serve as our new TV stand. Everything that I’ve been able to find is about $150-$200 though, which is out of my budget for an ugly piece of furniture that I have to put blood, sweat and tears into. This buffet was at Goodwill for $50! It also had a glass hutch to go on top. I didn’t want it so I re-donated it back to them, I guess you could say. It’s not all real wood, but Lucas’ dresser was less real wood than this and is holding up great from me painting it, so I’m really excited. Here’s another shot of the doors..


I love it! Now I just have to decide on a paint color. Our walls are tan, couches are cream and I plan to incorporate a Robin’s Egg Blue and Muted Yellow in the room. Our floors are pretty close to the color of the buffet now, but a little more red, since they’re Cherry. Color ideas? Clint said blue and then a coat of white chalk paint on top and rough it up. Whatever we decide, I’ll definitely show you when we redo it.

Lucas was sick the end of last week and we were prepared to get some weather from Hurricane Tropical Storm leftovers of Karen.

My Boys

As you can see, there wasn’t much to it and Pumpkin is feeling better.

How was your weekend? Do any shopping of your own? 

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