Yes, I Cloth Diaper (Part 2:Newborn to 6 Months)

Cloth Diaper Storage
This is the second post of the Yes, I Cloth Diaper series. The entire series can be found here.

Things are a little tense around here. I guess that’s the right word. Clint works for a subcontractor of the Federal Government, so he’s home right now. Luckily, his company will be advancing them one week of vacation, which will cover this week. We are praying that it won’t last long. Suprisingly though, since I normally get extremely stressed out about all things money, I am not stressed out about this. Yes, I’m frustrated–but, I know that He will provide.

So now you know why I chose cloth diapers—because I’m cheap. Well that’s the main reason anyway. Besides—they can be really cute. But there’s so much to know about cloth diapers. Today, I’m going to share with you about some of the different types that we’ve used and what’s worked for us—but only during the first 6 months of Lucas’ life–for today, or we’d be here all day.

First, there are so many different kinds of cloth diapers. I know when someone says cloth diapers, most people think of the cheap Gerber prefolds people generally use as burp cloths and the pants like these. Well, you think of that or poop (that post is in the works too). But there are so many other options.

Gerber Plastic Pants

Cloth diapers come in many many different styles. There are pockets, prefolds and covers, flats and covers, fitteds and covers, AIO (All In Ones), AI2 (All In Twos), and Wool. My plan was to mainly stick with prefolds, flats, and covers since that is the cheapest most economical choice in cloth diapering.

We were lucky enough to be given about 20 Kissas Size 0 fitted diapers right before Lucas was born though. They were so soft and squishy. It was a good thing too, because he was so small that I’m not sure anything else would have fit him. For the first couple of days, we didn’t even need to put a cover over them. He was so small that he wore the Kissas with a cover for around 3 months. The cover we used was Thirsties Size 1, which a lot of people recommend for newborns.

Kissas & Thirsties

Then we started using flats and prefolds with a Thristies cover over them. We had 24 flats and 24 prefolds. I had some pockets that were free with purchases too, so we started trying those out as well. The prefolds and flats did the job, but the pockets always seemed to repel. Repel, meaning when he peed, the liquid would sit on top of the fabric and roll out of the leg holes instead of absorbing it. The flats were by far my favorite. They were really trim and dried super quick on laundry day because they are only one layer of fabric. I liked experimenting with the different “folds” for putting them on Lucas, too. Our favorites were the Origami and the Kite Folds. Once Lucas was about 6 months old, the flats just did not hold enough pee though.

Flats Folded

So, we decided to start only using prefolds and covers. At this point, we had used 2 different sizes of prefolds so far, and had 24 of each size.  The Purple edge are an Infant size, the Orange edge are more like a medium for the 15-30 weight range. Lucas is only 20 lbs right now though and they will not go around him. Once he grew out of the Thristies Size 1 covers, we mainly used Flips. Flips with a velcro closure are my absolute favorite cover.

Prefold Diapers

When Lucas was around 4-6 months old, we started using disposables at night though. He started to leak out of the prefolds and covers we would put him in so it saved us from having to completely wake him up to change his diaper and clothes (and sheets, in some cases) when he would wake up to nurse. We have since found a solution though, which I’ll tell you about in Part 3. This covers the first six months though. If you are confused or overwhelmed by choices, your best bet would be to just get one kind and see how those go. Of course, I would recommend buying used. One, because you’re saving money, but two, because if you don’t like them—you could probably resell them for the same price you paid.

I love cloth diapers, don’t you? Clint says that I am addicted to buying them. Would you ever consider using them or have you?

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