Lucas’ 1st Birthday Party: Mickey Mouse Themed

Lucas' Birthday Cutie

Lucas’ Mickey Mouse themed 1st Birthday Party was a big hit! I made the majority of decorations and desserts and had lots of fun. But most important, my little boy seemed to really enjoy himself. I’m glad, because I really thought at only 1 year old, that he wouldn’t be as into it as he was.

I have never hosted a birthday party, and quite frankly, am pretty uncomfortable being the host of anything. Nineteen of our family and friends came to celebrate Lucas’ Big Day with us. I was so pleased that so many of them came.

Right before the party, I was still running around trying to put decorations up and get dressed and screaming out instructions to various family members who were there helping. It was absolute chaos. I started putting things together for this party 2 months ago, and still was not completely prepared. I made the “Happy Birthday Lucas” banner, the Newborn-11 month picture banner, the “I AM 1” banner, the Mickey Balloon Wreath, the Birthday Subway Art, and the Mickey Ears for the kids. Lucas' Birthday Decor

We planned to set things up on our covered Back Patio and the Kitchen and Living Room but it rained that morning and the patio was wet so we moved chairs and the grill to the carport. I think it worked out great.

I set the start time for the party at 5 o’clock, since it’s still so hot here, especially during midday. As people were arriving, everyone visited for a little while and then we ate. I made a Coke Roast and shredded it so it could be put on dinner rolls. We also had Ribs, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad, and Potato Salad. Everyone loved my Dad’s Ribs!

On the dessert table I had Puppy Chow, Mickey Oreo Pops, and a cupcake stand with Mickey Cupcakes and Lucas’ Smash Cake, which were all made by me with the assistance of various helpers. All of the cake was Strawberry, tinted with red food coloring, and topped with homemade Buttercream Icing. Lucas' Birthday Dessert

Once everyone finished eating, we opened gifts. Our pastor’s son helped Lucas and I open gifts, and did a great job! With Lucas in my lap, it was really helpful for him to unwrap gifts and hand them to Lucas to look at. Lucas paid attention really well to the gifts as we were opening them. I was completely surprised. There was only a time or two that he seemed more interested in the box or the wrapping paper. 🙂Lucas' Birthday Gifts

After we opened gifts, everyone headed outside to the Carport for Cake time. We lit Lucas’ candles and sang him Happy Birthday. I was worried that he may get upset or nervous with everyone staring at him and singing, but he didn’t seem to mind. Clint and I blew out his candles and I let him tear into his cake. At first, he was a little unsure and would only stick a finger or two in the icing and have a taste. Then, he started getting a handful of icing for each bite. Finally, I grabbed a fork and cut into the cake for him and he went to town. A couple of tim    es, he tried to lean over and just get a bite of the cake with his mouth. Silly boy! Once he started to burn out, he would just put his hand in the cake and squish the cake in his hands and fling it. I really think he loved all that sugar! Lucas' Birthday Eating Cake

After he lost interest, he headed for a post-cake bath and our friends Zack and Sarah served cupcakes and ice cream to everyone. Slowly, everyone left and we were left with a hyped-up-on-sugar baby. Surprisingly, he did sleep pretty well that night though. Lucas' Birthday Sillyness

I think all 3 of us really enjoyed Lucas’ birthday party and I’m already looking forward to planning next years. Although, I do wish he would stop growing up. Kids can really make you emotional!

Do you enjoy planning/hosting parties? Are you interested to know how I made any of the decorations/food?


7 thoughts on “Lucas’ 1st Birthday Party: Mickey Mouse Themed

  1. Stephanie

    Hi Sara,
    I love your decorations from your Mickey Mouse themed 1st birthday party! I have a little guy too and am starting to plan and was just wondering how you did the mickey mouse oreos, the banner on his high chair, the O toodles poster and happy birthday Lucas sign. How did you get that font? And did you cut out the letters for the banner or buy it somewhere? So creative, love the decor!!
    Thanks so much!


    • Sara Herrin

      Hi Stephanie! For the Oreo pops this is the best method I could come up with. I bought the colored Chocolate wafers in red at Michaels. I melted them and kept it warm in a little dip crockpot, although I’m not sure if that was necessary. Then I used a double stuffed Oreo and heated it up for a few seconds (to get the stuffing not so stiff). Then I stuck two brown chocolate melting wafers into the top as ears. Once I did that I dipped the bottom half of the Oreo in the red chocolate, stuck a lollilop stick in the bottom and dropped two of those cake decorating pearls in place. It needs to be a pretty quick process because the stuffing gets stiff again really quickly and the red chocolate gets hard quickly. I made everything else though. I’ll email you about all of it 🙂


  2. I absolutely LOVE your highchair banner! Seriously my favorite one I’ve come across!! How on earth did you make that? Any help so I can recreate that would be awesome!! Also, thank you for sharing how you did the oreo pops up above! I’m excited to try those out now!!

    My son turns one in just over a month and I’m just starting to work on the details!

    Thanks for all the help!


    • Sara Herrin

      Thank you! Well the ribbon I got from Michael’s and the black and read are all poster paper that I cut to shapes. I printed the yellow pennant shapes with the writing on them from the computer, cut them out, and glued them on the red.


  3. Susanne

    I love your homemade everything! Can you send me directions for everything you made. I’m a grandma so make it easy please. I need info on fonts and whether you cut them out printed. I want to make all of this stuff. The shirt he is wearing did you make that and how. The Oreo pops. The balloon wreath. The banners on his chair, the wall, the picture banner and anything else you made.
    Thank you so much,


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