Yes, I Cloth Diaper (Part I)


This is the first post in the Yes, I Cloth Diaper series. They can all be found here.

Being the budget-aholic that I am, as soon as I found out we were pregnant, I figured up a monthly amount to see exactly how much our addition to the family was going to be. I can’t remember the exact number I came up with, but it was quite a bit. Diapers and formula are really expensive!

So I started brainstorming some ways to save a little dough once Lucas was here: Breastfeeding and Cloth Diapering. I had already thought about breastfeeding but wasn’t really sure about it, since I’d never really been around anyone who had nursed their child. My OB had also made a comment that I would “probably have a hard time nursing a baby”, but that’s a completely different post. So I started seriously considering it and researched, researched, researched. Clint was pretty supportive of that idea, but when I mentioned cloth diapers he said “Do what?!” Lucas Cloth Diaper 5 Months

From then on, I spent A LOT of time researching cloth diapers. All the designs were SO cute. Who doesn’t want owls and monsters and chevron print on their little boy’s butt? I mean, really? Here’s what I found:

According to, here is the average disposable diaper usage until potty training. Diaper Usage Chart

Of course, every child is different, but this is a good estimate. I personally think Lucas would go through more than that. I know, right now, at almost 12 months, he still goes through about 7 or 8 diapers a day. Also, the 24 month and 36 month columns should probably say Stage 5 and Stage 6 diapers. Based on my local Walmart’s prices, here is what 3 different brands of diapers will cost you, per child.

  • Walmart Parent’s Choice – $995
  • Pampers – $1,400
  • Seventh Generation – $1,875

In comparison, you could cloth diaper a child for around $300. That’s 1/3 the cost of using the off brand disposable diapers! ONE THIRD!

I’ve bought new diapers and I’ve bought used diapers and I’ve resold some of the ones that didn’t work for us. With all of that, I have only spent $465.02. That’s only about half of what I would spend for one kid in disposables, BUT, I can reuse every single diaper I have bought on every other child we have. With each sibling we give Lucas, I estimate we may spend another $100 apiece. I would say that’s worth it!

Lucas Cloth Diaper 9 Months

Oh and by the way, once I explained all of this to Clint, he was sold on cloth diapers, too… smart man.

Do you have any questions about cloth diapering? Leave a comment, and I’ll try to clear up any questions/concerns! So keep an eye out for Yes, I Cloth Diaper (Part 2)!


13 thoughts on “Yes, I Cloth Diaper (Part I)

  1. Hey there! I found your blog through Instagram! I have a question for ya…my boy is almost 8 weeks and I started cloth about 3 weeks ago. It’s going great so far no leaks! I am still putting him in disposables at night just because I was scared the cloth would leak if he had it on for that long (he usually sleeps 5-7 hours at a time, sometimes longer) What do you use for a night time diaper? Would you recommend a certain kind of insert or double stuffing? Just trying to get some opinions! Thanks!


    • Sara

      This is embarassing… we don’t do cloth at night. I want to–but we haven’t found what works for us just yet. We did until he was around 4 or 5 months old though with just a prefold in a cover and had no problems. But then he started to soak through the prefolds so we tried some pockets with different inserts I had collected and nothing really seemed to work. Then I got a little lazy and bought a big pack of nighttime diapers and used them. BUT, I’ve recently gotten some great suggestions for nighttime that I am about to try out, so stay posted!


  2. Hi! I found you on the Saturday ShareFest (SITSgirls). I’ve been cloth diapering for over 2 years now. I actually calculated the cost to be closer to $2400/child with disposables. I bought the “expensive” cloth diapers, pockets. They cost me $600 and are worth every bit!

    I do use cloth overnight. We just add more fillers to help. The only time I use disposable is when we are traveling and out of town. I have found that we have more issues with leaks from dirty diapers with disposables than cloth. Every time we get home, I am happy to see my cloth diapers again.


    • Sara

      Yeah, I think it may be more than I found. I know my son is 12 months and goes through more diapers than that, but you also change cloth more often than disposables. We’ve tried more inserts, but he still seems to leak. He even leaks in the disposables sometimes, especially if he has a poopy. I would MUCH rather to change a poopy cloth diaper than a poopy disposable. It seems like it goes everywhere!
      Thanks for stopping by Denise!


  3. Hi Sara! I think it’s awesome you’re using cloth diapers. I have two friends that are using cloth diapers right now and they love it. They have also found the cutest covers on Etsy.


  4. Cloth diapers are awesome. I used them exclusively with my daughter and really enjoyed it. By the time my third came around, I tried, but he was super colicy and I had no extra time for the laundry. I ended up going back to disposables. But I did miss it.

    Thanks for sharing your take on it. I love how you laid out the cost comparison.

    Thanks for linking up with It’s a Mom’s Life. I hope you’ll join us again this week (starting tonight!)


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